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Founded in 2003 by brothers Rodolphe and Edouard Carle, Groupe Babilou is continental Europes’s largest operator of privately-owned nurseries for children younger than 3 years. The Company’s network of more than 700 owned nurseries spans France, Germany, Benelux, Dubai, Singapore and the US. Babilou currently employs around 4,000 people and is headquartered in Paris, France.

Childcare for almost 17,000 children

Each week, Babilou serves almost 17,000 children aged 0-3 years for corporations, local communities and individual families through over 500 nurseries.

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Cobepa is pleased to announce the successful sale of Babilou Family to Antin Infrastructure Partners

Outspoken market leader

Babilou offers early childcare services throughout a network of over 500 nurseries for both corporate clients as local communities. Around 700 nurseries are owned and operated by the Group itself. The Company has experienced strong growth over the last decade with the addition of 20 to 30 nurseries per year on average. Babilou, under the supervision of the regulator, takes care of the design, development and management of the nurseries.

1001 Crèches

With its 1001 Crèches initiative, established in 2010, Babilou was the first private-management nursery operator to offer an innovative and comprehensive solution to companies with the opportunity for families to reserve childcare places close to home, close to the workplace or along their daily commuting route. The 1001 nursery network allows corporate clients to book one or more childcare places in different nurseries to respond to the particular needs of its parent-employees.

Strong shareholders alongside Management

In September 2013, following the exit of Alpha Private Equity which held a minority stake in the Company since 2008, Cobepa and Société Générale entered the share capital of Babilou. Both parties invested alongside Management, the latter reinforcing its position in Babilou. Since its entry, Cobepa has continuously reinvested in Babilou to support its growth.

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