Carrières du Hainaut

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Carrières du Hainaut (CDH) owns and operates a 200-hectare blue limestone quarry located in Soignies (south of Belgium), which makes it one of the largest “open sky” ornamental stone quarries in Europe.

20 finishings

CDH’s bluestone products are available in up to 20 finishes to accommodate the clients’ personal taste and the requirements of the project at hand.

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CDH introduces new dimensions for large impact

In response to the current decorative trend that celebrates sobriety, minimalist elegance and a sense of space and openness, CDH has standardised the production of large dimension tiles.

From extraction to finishing

CDH’s quarry allows for the extraction of around 100,000 m³ of blue limestone blocks per year, which are further processed in-house. They are either sold as semi-finished products to stone and marble cutters, or as finished products to building material companies and independent distributors.

The Company enjoys one of the largest product ranges in the bluestone market with very different appearances obtained through the various cutting and finishing techniques used. Its slabs and tiles are hence available in various sizes, thicknesses, surface treatments and finishing. Products are mainly marketed in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and France. 

A noble stone

Blue limestone or bluestone is the result of 345 million years of sedimentation (with traces of fossilised marine fauna and flora), making it a very compact ornamental stone with a unique and natural appearance.  Due to its non-porosity, durability and timeliness, it is the material of choice for a wide range of applications. Bluestone is used in residential construction for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, as well as for the decoration of doors, terraces, gardens and swimming pools. It is also applied in the construction and decoration of public buildings and spaces such as squares and fountains. 


Cobepa acquired CDH in a secondary buy-out from Bencis in 2005, together with Verlinvest and the management team.

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