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Gerflor creates, manufactures and markets innovative, decorative and environmentally responsible solutions for flooring and interior finishes. The group is the largest pure play manufacturer of resilient vinyl-based flooring products in Europe, with an increasing presence in the US, China and emerging countries. Gerflor employs a total of 4,200 people.

While historically focused on vinyl-based products,

Gerflor has successfully repositioned itself as a one-stop-shop provider of resilient flooring solutions (rolls, tiles, planks, finishes) for a wide range of end-markets including hospitality, offices, transport, retail, education or leisure.

Best-in-class capabilities nurturing a large portfolio of innovative solutions

Having developed the first homogeneous vinyl flooring technology in 1937, Gerflor has always been at the forefront of innovation in the flooring industry. Supported by a strong in-house R&D team of 165 engineers, Gerflor is able to continuously bring new innovative products to market that meet ever-evolving client expectations. For instance, about 70% of the revenues are today generated by products being less than 3 years old. 

Early mover in the area of environmental-friendly manufacturing and “green chemistry”

Sustainability has long been on the agenda of Gerflor. The group is compliant with the highest standards in the industry (e.g., ISO 14001, ISO 50001, REACH) and has proactively integrated strong sustainability principles in its production processes in order to reduce waste in operations, optimize energy usage, improve the raw materials mix and accelerate the development of bio-based products. Recyclability is also a cornerstone of Gerflor’s environmental strategy. The company sources a significant part of its raw materials from recycled sources and 100% of Gerflor’s end-products are recyclable.

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