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Almere/Heemstede 25 May 2021 - HG, the leading cleaning brand in the Benelux region, has acquired Blue Wonder.

Founded in 1947, Blue Wonder is a market leader in the Netherlands in fully compliant disinfectant cleaning products that eliminate 99.9% of bacteria. The acquisition is aligned with HG’s ambition to become the undisputed European leader in specialty cleaning market.
Blue Wonder’s disinfectant cleaning products can legitimately claim segment-leading status.

HG International CEO Jeroen Mustert: “HG aims to become the undisputed European leader in specialty cleaning market, both through organic growth and complementary acquisitions. We launched this strategy several years ago and are successfully implementing it step by step. One of the segments missing from our portfolio was disinfectant cleaning products. This led us to Blue Wonder. We were impressed by its leading brand position on the shelves. We believe our customers will react favourably to the acquisition. The combination of the two highly effective and successful specialty cleaning product propositions offered by HG and Blue Wonder will enable them to better meet the needs consumers, not only in the Netherlands but also and especially in Europe.”

 Blue Wonder director Frank van der Klaauw: “Blue Wonder is a traditional Dutch company that was originally based in the IJmuiden port area, where its powerful products were mainly used to clean ship decks, fishing boat floors and fish auction halls. Today, Blue Wonder cleaning products are sold in many Dutch supermarkets and drugstores and used by professional cleaning companies. Our exceptionally effective disinfectant cleaning products have made us the market leader in the Dutch consumer market. Especially now with the Covid-19 virus, we have shown how important it is that the quality and effectiveness of our products are second to none. Blue Wonder's products are reliable and effective. The merger with HG makes it possible to realize our international European ambitions.”

Proven quality

It was recently revealed that many cleaning products, such as hand sanitisers, which claim to be antibacterial, do not meet the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) requirements. Blue Wonder meets the highest requirements and is a proven and reliable product. This means that, in order to know whether or not a product is effective as a disinfectant, it is important for trade customers and consumers to check that it does actually meet CTGB authorisation requirements.

About HG:

HG, founded in 1969, develops cleaning and maintenance products in line with its belief that specific problems require specific solutions. This results in the most effective products. All products are developed by its Research & Development department and produced in its own factory in Almere. From there, more than 300 different HG products find their way to millions of consumers in more than 45 countries. The HG brand is sold worldwide in supermarkets, drugstores and DIY outlets as well as through online channels. Consumers everywhere choose the reliable quality of HG! HG International B.V. is a Netherlands-based company with sites in various European countries and more than 200 employees. 

About Blue Wonder:

Blue Wonder is a traditional Dutch company founded in 1946 that leads the way in cleaning power, hygiene and plastic reduction. Its cleaning products are sold in many Dutch supermarkets and drugstores and used by professional cleaning companies. Blue Wonder’s exceptionally effective cleaning power has it’s own very loyal customer base.


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