Partnership for growth

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Characterized by an entrepreneurial family background and an “evergreen” structure, Cobepa is a committed and supportive shareholder with a medium to long term investment horizon. We contribute to the growth and development of the companies in which we invest.

Cobepa has a stable, reputable shareholder base that consists of a variety of wealthy European family investors, who see Cobepa as a long term investment vehicle through which they can diversify their financial assets. They take a long term view of their investment in Cobepa and are committed towards its success and further development.

Its family background enables Cobepa to offer its investee companies a medium to long term investment perspective. This ensures that these companies enjoy sufficient time and continued commitment to implement their strategy, execute their business plan, and develop their true potential.

Through its extensive investment expertise, its well-connected shareholder base and seasoned management team, Cobepa offers its investee companies access to a unique set of skills and an international business network through which further development opportunities can be sourced.  Cobepa’s wealth of experience with both majority and minority investments, as well as with different investment scenarios, makes it ideally suited to address investment proposals in a transparent, flexible and creative manner.


Cobepa S.A.

Cobepa S.A.
Rue de la Chancellerie 2, box 1
1000 Brussels
+ 32 2 213 32 10
+ 32 2 513 17 02

Cobepa North America Inc.

Cobepa North America Inc.
Tower 49
12 East 49th Street
New York, NY 10017
United States
+1 (646) 679 5177

Ibel Beteiligungsberatung GmbH (Member of Cobepa Group)

Ibel Beteiligungsberatung GmbH
Theresienstrasse 1
80333 München
+32 2 213 32 10