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Staci is a leading pan-European third-party logistics provider with a focus on complex retail logistics. Being historically the #1 player in the French market for Point-of-Sales (POS) non marketable goods logistics, the Company has successfully grown in adjacent European countries by accompanying its international blue-chip client base abroad and by leveraging its capabilities in complex logistics to the marketable products segment. 

The group

is headquarted in Saint Ouen l’Aumone (France) and employs c. 1,300 employees who process c. 10 million orders annually

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Cobepa acquires Staci

Staci's management, supported by Cobepa and Société Générale Capital Partenaires (SGCP), has completed the acquisition of Staci Group's capital from ICG (Intermediate Capital Group) at the end of July 2017.

Leader in complex logistics for marketable and non-marketable goods

With 280,000 m2 warehouse space across 25 warehouse sites in Europe, Staci is a leading third-party logistics provider for clients who hail from industries such as Food, Beverage and Tobacco, Telecom, Retail and distribution chains, automotive and banking. Historically, Staci developed specialized expertise in providing logistics for non-marketable goods such as POS marketing materials and printed goods in France. The Company is now replicating its success abroad and in marketable goods that are distributed through the >400,000 POS retail network that Staci serves.

Unique value-added service proposition

The Company’s unique value proposition rests one three pillars. First, Staci serves its clients through an unrivalled expertise to handle complex single-unit picking, multi-reference packing and delivery to a large, dispersed network. Second, client success is based on a one-stop shop outsourcing service offering for their customers, ranging from procurement and supply management to billing & payment collection, inventory financing, offering of online order portals and the handling of reverse logistics. Lastly, Staci can offer competitive prices thanks to its specific business model which relies on the pooling of resources across clients allowing for lower storage and transport costs and a better absorption of investments (such as IT).

Efficient operations backed by proprietary IT

Efficient operations are achieved through a warehouse setup with narrow aisles and specialized forklifts which was specifically developed to fit the demanding requirements of retail logistics clients. Staci’s own proprietary IT system ensures best-in-class execution and a seamless integration with clients’ systems.

Majority shareholder

Cobepa acquired a majority stake in the Company alongside Management and Société Générale.

Cobepa S.A.

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