Cobepa at a glance

Cobepa is an independent, privately held investment company with offices in Brussels, Munich and New York. Established in 1957, we are a well-recognized private equity investor, with over € 4.7 billion net asset value.

Our success to date is built on the rigor and excellence of our international investment team, and its capacity to invest in solid and growing businesses. Thanks to its permanent capital base, Cobepa can accompany and support its investee companies with a flexible investment horizon.

In cooperation with the management team of our portfolio companies and in partnership with our co-investors, we aim to enhance the growth perspectives of our investments as well as the sustainability of their business model.

Cobepa's business model consists in generating a growing and stable flow of dividends to its ultimate shareholders with capital gains generated by divestments being reinvested.

In developing its investment activity, Cobepa remains committed to the values of trust, respect for people, acting with integrity, and transparency.

Success lies in taking decisive action and calculated risks.

Cobepa offers a supportive partnership and a stable capital base to companies. This enables them to continuously transform and deliver added stakeholder value while accelerating growth.

Jean-Marie Laurent Josi, Chief Executive Officer

Our investors

Cobepa is an evergreen investment company with a permanent capital base backed by several large entrepreneurial families of different nationalities (Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Luxembourg) assembled into Cobehold which directly and indirectly controls 100% of Cobepa.

These families take a long term vision of their investment in Cobehold and are committed towards its success and further development.

Next to the families, Cobepa's management is also a shareholder of Cobehold.

Our story


Cobepa's NAV exceeds the 4 billion.


Cobepa opens offices in Munich and reinforces its presence in the DACH region.


Cobepa celebrates its 60th anniversary on October 25th, whilst its NAV exceeds the 2 billion.


Opening of Cobepa North America, with offices in New York.


Cobepa's NAV exceeds the 1 billion.


Cobepa is acquired from BNP Paribas through a buy-out transaction sponsored by a group of European family investors assembled by management.

Cobepa starts to operate as a fully independent investment company.


Public private takeover bid on Cobepa (part of the Belgian BEL20 stock market index of Euronext Brussels) by its main shareholder BNP Paribas.


Cobepa starts its investment activities in Belgium as a dedicated subsidiary of Banque Paribas.