Investment scope

We invest in diverse companies with an established and proven business model where we can add value by supporting management teams to achieve their long-term objectives and strategy.

Our investment framework is based on the following elements :

€ 50 m to € 300 m equity investments (with upsides up to € 500 m)

We invest between € 50 m and € 300 m per transaction in companies with an established and proven business model, via equity or quasi-equity instruments. Investments up to € 500 m are possible through co-investments by Cobepa's shareholders.

Majority or strong minority stake

We aim to be in a position which enables us to be impactful on the strategy of each of our investments in order to bring added value and reinforce the overall business model and growth potential.

Sector diversity

We maintain a high degree of flexibility in the choice of the sectors in which we invest as long as they respect our ESG policy. We rather remain focused on the merits and perspectives of each company. Our network of experts allows us to quickly understand the specificities of each sector and to anticipate evolutions.

Europe and United States

We focus our sourcing on companies with headquarters based in Europe or in the United States.

Investment criteria

We seek out companies where we can make a real difference. Across diversified industry sectors, our partnerships are with companies that demonstrate potential for accelerated growth and strong strategic vision with an ambition to unlock value.

The following factors are therefore our key investment criteria :

Strong and sustainable business model leadership

In today's world, having a superior and sustainable business model provides one of the most decisive competitive advantages. This is the true definition of leadership as it drives market share gains and makes you much less dependent upon market conditions.

Significant and profitable growth

We seek to invest in companies with multiple and sustainable growth avenues, including growth coming from targeted acquisitions. Investment returns must be primarily based on increases of sales and profits rather than on pure financial engineering. We believe that growth fuels entrepreneurship by fostering innovation and sound aptitude for taking educated risks.

High cash conversion

The capacity to convert sales into free cash flow allows the company:

  • to invest in the growth and strategic development of the business;
  • to distribute dividends to its shareholders on a regular basis.

Strong management and governance

Cobepa invests in companies led by strong management teams displaying strategic vision, professional dedication and inspirational leadership. We therefore encourage the implementation of long-term incentive plans and sound governance that align the interests of management and shareholders.

International presence

Whilst not a prerequisite as such, an international footprint adds credibility to growth forecasts, diversifies market risk and is often considered a good indicator of business model strength.

Investment philosophy

We have a history of investing responsibly across geographies, sectors and business strategies. Providing both capital and expertise is the essence of our committed ownership approach, which allows us to support businesses in achieving sustainable growth and adding stakeholder value over the long-term.

Our investment philosophy is based on the following core principles :

Flexible investment horizon

Characterized by an entrepreneurial family background and an 'evergreen' structure, we are a committed and supportive shareholder with a flexible investment horizon. While none of our portfolio companies are strategic to Cobepa and destinated to be held indefinitely, our flexible investment horizon offers companies the possibility to implement transformational projects to drive medium and long-term returns.

Relationship based on partnership

We seek to establish a real partnership between management and ourselves, based on shared business values, ethics principles and aligned interests of all parties towards the successful execution of the jointly agreed business plan.

'Hands with' approach

Cobepa is a 'hands-with' type of investor, implying that we do not get involved in day-to-day management, but remain closely engaged and committed to support the company and its management to attain the goals set out in the business plan and realize the agreed equity story.

Added value investor

We help our portfolio companies choosing the right priorities and speed of action. We support them in their growth endeavors by closely monitoring M&A activity and opportunities, harnessing market intelligence gained through our network and shareholders, and supporting them in analyzing and executing transactions.

Responsible financing structure

Having a resilient business model goes hand in hand with a resilient balance sheet. We wish to invest in transactions with moderate leverage that allow our investments to be primarily focused on their business and to distribute dividends.