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Cobepa is home to a highly motivated, diverse and inspiring team. We welcome talent from all career levels (for internships, please click here) and are committed to offering a supportive and stimulating work environment with exciting professional growth opportunities.

We believe our 94 successful transactions and € 8 bn invested and exited since 2004 on both sides of the Atlantic are a remarkable statement about our rapid growth, powerful team work and dynamic expansion. Key to our successful investment track record which saw our NAV increase tenfold in the last 18 years, is our strongly-backed evergreen capital structure, which allows us to partner with companies to build responsible prosperity for the long term.

At the heart of our company culture are our corporate values (read more about them here) and the same entrepreneurial drive, flexibility and long-term focus that characterize our family shareholders.

Key figures

4.4 bn

Net Asset Value


Portfolio companies

~ 30

Investment professionals

100m - 300m

Equity ticket

What colleagues like most about their role at Cobepa

Variety & exposure

Being active in a broad range of sectors means we are constantly discovering different types of markets and industries. Getting that wide exposure creates a lot of variety and interesting interactions with experts from different fields.

Alexia Decléty, Associate (Europe)

Strategic mindset

Spotting growth opportunities and thinking tactically with companies' management teams is a very rewarding aspect of our work. Our investment focus always begs fascinating questions like: "How can we further strengthen a leading company? How can we make it more resilient? How can we drive new breakthroughs that transform industries?"

Nesh Patel, Senior Associate (United States)

Long-term value creation

As a member of the Cobepa team, I find it incredibly gratifying to be part of a company that values responsible prosperity and long-term success above all else. The opportunity to partner with companies and entrepreneurs to create lasting value is truly inspiring.

Beatrice Victoria Lanzani Dellera, Associate (Europe)

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We welcome and encourage spontaneous applications from talented individuals who are passionate about joining our team. If you believe your skills and expertise align with our company values and goals, we invite you to submit your application for consideration. We look forward to reviewing your qualifications and exploring potential opportunities together.

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