Rooted in the history of the company, our corporate values are fundamental to Cobepa's reputation, performance and ability to work efficiently.

Cobepa views its corporate values as the cornerstone of future success. They help strengthen our team and make us proud of our achievements.

Cobepa's corporate values are summarized as:

  • Harmony

    We consider our team and firm as paramount - we are thoughtful towards all our constituencies

    • Fairness: we are respectful and impartial to establish mutual trust
    • Humility: we listen and are open-minded to enable creative discussions
    • Fostering talents: we motivate and challenge our most valuable assets
    • Transparency: we are clear and we communicate respectfully to improve the quality of interactions
  • Care

    We always act with diligence

    • Discipline: we base decisions and actions on the business strategy
    • Integrity: we act with honor, honesty and loyalty at all times
    • Protection: we consider carefully risks and returns
    • Reliability: we prioritize accurate, exhaustive and timely provision of information
  • Engagement

    We are involved and committed to Cobepa's success

    • Accountability: we take responsibility for our actions
    • Improvement: we go the extra mile to achieve better results
    • Perseverance: we are tenacious and constant in our quest for success
    • Pro-activity: we take the initiative to anticipate challenges and provide solutions