French leading independent pure-play provider of HVAC installation and maintenance services.

  • Sector Business Services
  • Ownership Majority
  • Turnover EUR 241 M (2021)
  • Date of acquisition 01/2022

Contact information


78, chemin des Sept-Deniers
31200 Toulouse

Established in 1989 by the Gilet family, Groupe Climater is one of the French leaders in air climate engineering (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning or “HVAC”). It is the leading player in south of France (historical region) with a solid and growing market position across the rest of the French territory while it has also successfully started to develop internationally in the recent years (Switzerland, 2019) and more recently in Canada (2023).

Key stakeholder in the ongoing energetic transition in France and abroad

Through its capillary agency network, Climater is very well positioned to take an active role in the ongoing and accelerating energetic transition across Europe as a result of increasingly restrictive laws and subsidy programs requiring and promoting the use of more efficient HVAC equipment in order to significantly curb emissions and electricity consumption in the years to come.

Scalable business model cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset

Climater has adopted a decentralized business model, yet supported by some key cross-organizational shared services and corporate guidelines, which has nurtured a strong entrepreneurial mindset at the agency level and allowed the group to achieve scale while accelerating its development, both organically as well as through buy-and-build acquisitions.