Heartland Home Services

Heartland is a leading provider of non-discretionary, residential HVAC, plumbing and electrical services.

  • Sector Business Services
  • Ownership Structural minority
  • Date of acquisition 12/2020

Heartland is a leading provider of non-discretionary, residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning (“HVAC”), plumbing, and electrical services in the Midwest United States. The Company’s brands have a well-established history and reputation, servicing over 1,000,000 customers annually with over 1,700 team members. Heartland has maintained industry-leading service levels with customers for decades, with individual brands dating as far back as 1904.

Scalable, tech-enabled platform

Heartland has developed proprietary sales technology that improves the new service quoting experience for customers and leads to an increase in quote-to-job conversion rates. Through Heartland’s sales tool, strong marketing team, back-office infrastructure base, and long-standing supplier relationships, Heartland provides immediate support to help grow acquired platforms.

Multiple drivers of growth

In addition to its tremendous track record of industry-leading organic growth fueled by customer satisfaction, Heartland has successfully completed and integrated numerous tuck-in and platform acquisitions over the last several years. Through its partnership with Cobepa, Heartland will significantly accelerate its growth through strategic acquisitions in both new and existing geographies.

Runway to becoming a provider of all residential needs

While its brands have primarily offered HVAC repair and replacement services historically, Heartland has successfully added plumbing and electrical services to its suite of solutions for the residential market. These markets will continue to be a substantial driver of growth as Heartland seeks to become the preeminent name for home services needs in the United States.

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