Van Oord

Van Oord is a leading international contractor active in dredging and marine services.

  • Sector Industrial
  • Ownership Minority
  • Turnover EUR 1517 M (2021)
  • Date of acquisition 12/2011

Contact information


Schaardijk 211
3063 NH Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Netherlands based Van Oord, an independent family business, is a leading international contractor active in dredging and marine services for onshore and offshore infrastructure development. The company is considered one of the four major dredging companies worldwide, and has substantially invested in its fleet of dredging and marine contracting equipment over the last decade. Van Oord has accumulated the necessary experience to execute the largest and most complex marine engineering projects. It is headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and employs around 5,200 people.

Dredging and marine contracting

Van Oord reclaims land through high-tech dredging mainly for the creation of new harbors, waterways or deepening of existing maritime facilities. The company’s dredging activities also apply to coastal defense and urban development projects such as tourist infrastructure, artificial island or offshore airport construction. The Offshore and Energy business of Van Oord comprises the installation of offshore wind parks and subsea oil and gas infrastructure.

Fleet & equipment

As a leading global dredger and marine contractor, Van Oord’s fleet of equipment was substantially enlarged and modernized over the last decade. Foremost it includes trailing suction hopper dredgers, which are mostly used for dredging loose material from maintenance and land reclamation works, and cutter suction dredgers, which cuts hard soil into fragments and is mainly used in capital dredging works for the construction of ports and waterways. Other equipment includes backhoe dredgers, rock installation vessels, water injection dredgers and heavy-lift vessels.

Consortium of investors

Acting as the largest member of a consortium of investors, Cobepa acquired a 10.7% stake in Van Oord in December 2011. The consortium, which also includes the Dutch investment companies Janivo, Breedinvest and Rinkelberg, acquired its stake from Dutch construction company Royal BAM Group, which had been a shareholder in Van Oord since the merger of Van Oord ACZ and Ballast Ham Dredging in 2003.

1 billion investment program

Van Oord launched a comprehensive fleet & equipment investment program for the 2011-2015 period, amounting to almost EUR 1 billion.

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