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Hillebrand is the leading global player in the alcoholic beverage freight forwarding industry.

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22 '20

Cobepa is pleased to announce the acquisition of Braid by Hillebrand

BRUSSELS - October 22nd, 2020

With this acquisition, Hillebrand aims to strengthen its position as a leading global logistics service provider not only for alcoholic beverages but also for other non-hazardous bulk liquids commodities.

Hillebrand, a world leading forwarding, transport and logistics provider to the alcoholic beverage industry and products that require special care, officially announces its acquisition of Braid, a key player in bulk liquids logistics. Through this acquisition, Hillebrand strengthens its expertise in handling non-hazardous liquids in bulk, such as wine, olive oil, non-hazardous chemicals, juices and edible oils, which adds to its long-established experience in full-service logistics services of cased goods.

"Braid offers an exciting opportunity for Hillebrand to strengthen its network of services, products, skills, knowledge and teams", explains Cees van Gent, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Hillebrand. "With its global reach, wide range of customized logistics solutions in bulk liquids transportation, as well as its manufacturing and technology know-how, the acquisition of Braid supports Hillebrand's strategy to not only lead the market in logistics services for alcoholic beverages but also for non-hazardous bulk liquids".

Braid is recognized as a diversified group offering innovative bulk liquids logistics services worldwide, which will not only complement Hillebrand's array of bulk liquids solutions, but also expand its manufacturing capabilities, with two more facilities located in the United Kingdom and China. The combination of Hillebrand's bulk liquids services and Braid will create a world leading end-to-end service provider for bulk liquids and one of the largest food-grade ISO tank operators globally.

Allan Leddra, CEO of Braid, comments "Hillebrand's acquisition of Braid provides a major growth opportunity for both businesses. The two companies will achieve more as a unit, increasing value for customers, given both companies' high reputation for providing a leading customer experience in bulk liquids logistics." Allan Leddra and his management team will join Hillebrand to drive a successful integration and continue to grow the consolidated bulk liquids business of Braid and Hillebrand. "We also share the same values and culture, so we are confident that our employees will smoothly integrate in the new organization and will find new growing opportunities within Hillebrand."

Both Hillebrand and Braid share their commitment for a safe and sustainable transportation of goods, with high investments in R&D to create innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for their customers. The shared knowledge and expertise in non-hazardous commodities, the aim to provide an end-to-end service to even more customers, in addition to a wider product offering, are part of the benefits of bringing the two companies under one corporation.

Despite the current global Covid-19 situation, Hillebrand's and Braid's service and financial performance have remained very resilient. Hillebrand continues to pursue its business plan objectives of growing both organically and through acquisitions, to expand customer service and tailor-made solutions worldwide. "This marks a further step in our journey to make Hillebrand an even more robust, bigger and better company than it is today, through our buy and build strategy," details van Gent. This acquisition represents the third one in the past year, after 3W-Logistik (Germany) and Royal Logistics (USA), and is expected to result in greater efficiencies and significantly increase Hillebrand's product offering.


Braid was founded in the UK over 60 years ago, operates in 19 countries, with a team of 400 professionals and a turnover of approximately EUR 200 Million. The company is recognized as a global player in bulk liquids logistics via the dual bulk modes of flexitanks and food-grade ISO tanks. Braid owns a substantial fleet of ISO tanks and designs and manufactures its own flexitanks in sterile conditions using the unique Hexopure technology. In each flexitank, every component is traceable to source, including the polymers which make up the very fabric of the flexitank.