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Hillebrand is the leading global player in the alcoholic beverage freight forwarding industry.

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31 Aug '16

Cobepa strengthens its partnership with JF Hillebrand

Cobepa is pleased to strengthen its partnership with JF Hillebrand Group AG, the international logistics service provider in which it first invested in 2006, and to welcome a new partner as co-shareholder alongside the family and management.

On 30 August 2016, Cobepa and Sofina acquired MOL Logistics' 31.56% share of JF Hillebrand Group AG's capital. MOL, historical partner of the company, has been a strong partner allowing exponential growth of the business, thus contributing to the company's success to date. However, MOL has now decided to concentrate on their core activities.

After this transaction, Cobepa and Sofina will respectively attain 55% and 20% of the company's capital while the remaining 25% will stay with the Hillebrand family and management. A new five-year shareholders' agreement has been signed.