Crealis (ex-Enoflex)

CREALIS is the global leader in capping and overcapping solutions for wines and spirits.

  • Sector Industrial
  • Ownership Majority
  • Turnover EUR 204 M (2021)
  • Date of acquisition 07/2019

CREALIS groups 8 expert brands (Enoplastic, Sparflex, Le Muselet Valentin, Rivercap, Maverick, Pe.Di, Supercap and Corchomex) in the wine and spirit enclosure industry. The Group benefits from a comprehensive, customizable product portfolio offering its clients the most creative, innovative and sustainable solutions. The products range from  capsules to foils, wire hoods, synthetic corks, screw caps and seals for sparkling wines, still wines, spirits, oils and vinegars, fragrances, water and other non-alcoholic drinks.   

A global leader with a local approach 

By leveraging on the local expertise of each of its 8 brands, the Group has been able to build a truly global brand serving over 6.000 customers in more than 70 countries worldwide through its extensive network of agents. CREALIS counts 15 production sites spread across Italy, Spain, France, the United States, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand and it sells over 6 billion units each year. The Group employs 2.000 employees globally.

Strong heritage of industrial excellence 

CREALIS was built on a long history of industrial excellence from the establishment of Enoplastic and Sparflex in 1957 and 1984 respectively to its international expansion starting as early as the 1990s. Using superior machines and cutting-edge technologies, the Group has been able to gain the trust of its clients by matching challenging requests in terms of quality, customization and rapid delivery.

Continuous drive for innovation and sustainability

Supported by a dedicated team of direct salesforce and a network of agents, CREALIS has developed a strong international commercial footprint and maintained close relations with more than 6,000 clients, including some of the most renowned brands and labels in the global wine and spirits industry. 

Ambitious expansion plan

CREALIS is actively pursuing an ambitious expansion plan, seeking to strengthen its global presence to cover all major wine producing regions, while actively integrating new products into its product offering.

Continuous innovation on sustainability

The Group’s commitment to innovation and sustainability is underpinned by its 2 R&D labs in France and Italy, entirely dedicated to optimizing its internal production processes and designing the next generation of bottle closures using sustainable materials. Its perfect combination of engineering know-how, creative expertise and vertical integration enables the Group to independently develop modern, sustainable solutions using bio-based, recycled or compostable materials. 

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