Portfolio news Crealis (ex-Enoflex)

CREALIS is the global leader in capping and overcapping solutions for wines and spirits.

15 Nov '22

Enoflex announces new parent brand identity

Enoflex group, born from the combination of Enoplastic and Sparflex under Cobepa’s initiative, announces a new parent brand identity and becomes “CREALIS”. This new identity groups 8 expert brands (Enoplastic, Sparflex, Le Muselet Valentin, Rivercap, Maverick, Pe.Di, Supercap and Corchomex) in the wine and spirit enclosure industry. Its goal is to continue leveraging on the local expertise while building a single, recognizable, global brand. Combining “creation” and “listening”, CREALIS cements the group’s position as an innovator that constantly listens to clients’ needs.

A new name, a renewed promise

This new identity combined with the motto “Close to you, open to the future” conveys the Group’s perfect pairing of creativity and innovation to meet and exceed clients’ expectations. Uniting the strongly embedded local expertise of the 8 expert brands under the CREALIS umbrella reinforces the Group’s proximity to its clients while bolstering its worldwide reach.  

Clarity and consolidation

The Group’s strength is based on its wide portfolio and tailor-made approach, accompanying clients from start to finish. Under its new identity, the Group can better clarify and organize its extensive product offering. Restructured on 3 main product categories CREALIS simplifies its bespoke solutions to accommodate clients’ needs, even the most challenging ones.

Continued drive for innovation and sustainability

The Group’s commitment to innovation and sustainability continues to be deeply rooted in its identity. Open and forward-looking, this commitment is underpinned by its 2 R&D labs in France and Italy, entirely dedicated optimizing its internal production processes and designing the next generation of bottle closures using sustainable materials. Its combination of engineering know-how, creative expertise and vertical integration enables the Group to independently advance modern, sustainable solutions using bio-based, recycled or compostable materials.