Ned Stevens

Ned Stevens is a market leading provider of exterior residential services.

  • Sector Business Services
  • Ownership Majority
  • Date of acquisition 11/2022

Ned Stevens is a market leading provider of exterior residential services. The Company, which operates in 15 states across the country, primarily provides gutter cleaning and other exterior residential services such as dryer vent cleaning, power washing, and window cleaning. The Company has grown into a leading platform in the industry through strong organic expansion over its long history supplemented by several acquisitions.

Unrivaled operational and technological expertise

Ned Stevens uses proprietary technology and safety systems in order to service over 140k customers, 15 states, and 8 service lines in 2022. Combined with the Company’s experienced management team and unique service model, Ned Stevens has been able to operate at a level of efficiency and safety that is far above other competitors. 

Industry leader with ample runway for organic growth

Ned Stevens is the national market leader within the large and highly fragmented gutter cleaning industry, as well as a local market leader in its other service lines. The Company has proven its ability to grow organically in excess of the market due to Management’s sales and digital marketing sophistication and has ample runway to continue this growth in current and new geographies. 

Proven platform for M&A

Ned Stevens has the technology, scalable support systems, and processes in place to expand its position as the leading consolidator in the gutter cleaning industry. The Company assists acquired companies by layering Ned’s operational and marketing expertise onto the target’s existing infrastructure. Through its partnership with Cobepa, Ned Stevens will significantly accelerate its growth through strategic acquisitions within the exterior residential home services industry.