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Ned's Home is a market leading provider of exterior residential services.

01 Mar '24

Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning Unveils New Identity as Ned's Home

New Jersey, 1 March 2024 -- Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning has unveiled its new brand identity, transitioning to Ned's Home. This move signals a broadening of its service offerings beyond gutter cleaning to encompass a full suite of exterior home services, including power washing, window cleaning, lawn treatment, and pest control. The rebranding reflects the company's commitment to becoming the one-stop-shop for homeowners seeking reliable and comprehensive exterior maintenance services.

Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning, a recognized leader in exterior home services since 1965, officially transforms into Ned's Home, presenting an extensive range of services designed to meet increasingly diverse home and commercial maintenance needs.

Under the new banner of Ned's Home, the company introduces eight specialized service divisions, all dedicated to providing exceptional local exterior maintenance services. These divisions offer a wide array of services, including gutter cleaning and installation, power washing, window cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and now, expanding their repertoire to include lawn treatment and pest control, alongside a commercial division tailored for HOA and multi-family complexes.

Cobepa proudly supports the transformation of Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning into Ned's Home. This marks a significant move towards a cohesive platform for all-encompassing home service solutions. The aim of this evolution is to consolidate maintenance services into a single, efficient point of contact for customers, thereby improving service accessibility and convenience.

The rebranding to Ned's Home represents more than just a new name; it signifies the company's commitment to enhancing customer service and quality. By adopting a direct-employment model for its technicians, Ned's Home guarantees that every service is executed with utmost safety and professionalism. This comprehensive approach to exterior home maintenance not only simplifies the care of properties for homeowners but also positions Ned's Home as a frontrunner in the field.

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