Scalian is a leading European consulting firm in digital transformation, project management and operational performance.

  • Sector Business Services
  • Ownership Majority
  • Turnover EUR 229 M (2021)
  • Date of acquisition 03/2019
  • Date of sale 07/2023

Scalian is a leading engineering consulting firm with a differentiated specialist positioning in 3 main segments: Digital Systems focusing on embedded systems and software in applicative environments, Operations Performance providing technical services in the field of supply chain, procurement, quality control and project management, and Digital Transformation designing high value-add solutions for big data analytics, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. The Group employs more than 5,000 people in 9 countries.

Digital Systems

The historical core business of the company provides digital engineering services to clients. The company's engineers develop mission-critical embedded systems software and software applications for highly demanding environments (e.g. aerospace and defense, nuclear power plants and transport signaling) where high reliability, a proven track record and established client relationships are key.

Operations Performance

Building upon its close collaborations with clients in the digital systems division, Scalian has developed complementary services in specialized operations consulting with a particular focus on supply chain/procurement, quality control and project management in highly demanding environments. Recently, the company has also added business process outsourcing with a focus on finance to complement its service offering.

Ambitious growth plans in digital transformation and abroad

Beyond its well-established business units, Scalian is actively building up its digital transformation capabilities. To this end, the company invests significant resources to complement its service offerings. Abroad, the group has already opened subsidiaries in 8 countries, generating strong growth and establishing Scalian as a trusted partner for its international client base.

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