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24 Jan '20

SCALIAN acquires INDIZEN in Spain and reinforces its global Big Data, Artificial Intelligence & Digital Transformation capabilities

Paris - January 24th, 2020 - SCALIAN has acquired a majority stake in the technology consultancy company, INDIZEN, an expert in advanced technology for the processing and management of data (Big Data and AI) and digital transformation.

Together SCALIAN and INDIZEN will complement and extend their range of services and market position in Spain but will also offer new value creation opportunities to their customers in Europe and career opportunities to teams of consultants.

Combined with SCALIAN’s wide-ranging know-how in digital systems, the alliance will enable the leveraging of extensive capabilities and solutions in Big Data and artificial Intelligence for all market sectors and thus meet significant digital transformation needs. INDIZEN has developed superior expertise in data engineering and analytics with more than 200 specialist consultants able to deliver complex solutions based on innovative and efficient algorithms developed in-house.

SCALIAN is carrying out this transaction as part of its strategic development project supported by its shareholders COBEPA and ANDERA, with the ambition of reaching 500 million euros in revenue, 40% of which will be achieved outside France by 2024. This development plan is focused on investing and innovating in its 3 core areas of expertise, Digital Systems, Operations Performance and Digital Transformation, which represent more than 2600 consultants in 7 countries.

Following the acquisition, INDIZEN will maintain its brand for its well-recognized know-how and its management team led by Alberto Gomez (CEO) and Enrique Mota (CTIO). Stéphane Garo (SCALIAN International COO) and Fabrice Savalle (SCALIAN Europe SVP) will be in charge of integration to promote efficient synergism with all the Group’s environments.

Combining with SCALIAN's Big Data and AI capabilities

"The acquisition of INDIZEN is part of our ambitious development strategy undertaken in March 2019 with the arrival of COBEPA as the new majority shareholder alongside ANDERA. This transaction allows SCALIAN to cover the 3 objectives of its external growth strategy: (i) enhancement of group expertise and service offers in key technologies (data management and AI), (ii) intensifying the international development of SCALIAN, and iii) sectorial diversification in particular by reinforcing its position in the insurance, banking and health sectors. We particularly appreciated the INDIZEN team, the shared vision and ambition in terms of innovation and R&D in fields with enormous potential for growth in the future, Big Data and AI. Our respective corporate cultures are very similar, placing business expertise and human values at the heart of our actions for our customers and our teams. Finally, in Spain, together with INDIZEN we will have a combined pool of more than 300 expert consultants in 2020, who will in addition be able to provide solutions for all our European customers. We will henceforth be covering all market sectors together with our combined specialised expertise that is fundamental for digital transformation, namely the leveraging of operations performance with digital systems. This operation will be followed soon in 2020 by other acquisitions in Europe and North America, with the same spirit of partnership, while continually focusing on in-house value creation that will create career development opportunities for our teams, as well as value externally for our customers through an end-to-end project approach." comments Yvan Chabanne, Chief Executive Officer of the SCALIAN Group.

A springboard for growth and diversification

In 2018 INDIZEN started a new strategy with the aim of (i) diversifying its range of services in new markets and (ii) internationalizing the company. This strategy resulted in the agreement between SCALIAN Group and INDIZEN announced today. According to Alberto Gomez, CEO of INDIZEN “the strategic reasons for integrating INDIZEN in SCALIAN Group were mainly (i) our complementary services, (ii) synergism between the companies and (iii) a similar company vision and culture based on solid expertise, entrepreneurship and innovation”. In practice the integration means that INDIZEN will have new opportunities to develop collaborative business at all levels, locally in Spain, and in other countries as well as the building of a LATAM platform (South America, Mexico, Portugal...). For employees the integration means professional growth in high added-value business areas and new training and career opportunities. For customers the integration will reinforce the capability of INDIZEN to take on bigger projects, including trans-national ones and to provide new services based on the SCALIAN Group portfolio.


INDIZEN is a Spanish company founded in 2001 as a technology firm for developing customized solutions with a special focus on analysis and simulation of massive data for management and quantification of financial risks in trading areas of big banks. Today, INDIZEN offers professional services and innovative solutions for digital transformation in different sectors such as Finance, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Energy, Insurance and Retail. INDIZEN is a community of recognized experts in key areas such as Big Data, artificial intelligence, advanced analytics (machine learning and deep learning) and natural language processing and comprehension. Its services include end-to-end Big Data projects related to data engineering, data science and full stack software development based on cloud and new technologies (Hadoop / Spark, NoSQL, etc.) and/or based on consolidated technologies (Java, C++, Python, RDBMS, etc.). INDIZEN is a talented community of experts whose mission is to help our customers transform information silos, data complexity and digitization processes into real business opportunities that help them make better decisions, be more efficient and develop better products and service. INDIZEN is present mainly in the Spanish market with headquarters in Madrid and an office in Málaga.