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Zetes is a leading European system integrator and provider of innovative supply chain, identification and mobility solutions and services. Zetes’ automatic identification solutions link its clients’ physical world to the digital world. By making intelligent use of technology, they provide better visibility on the movement of goods and people within their clients’ IT system, which helps to make better decisions, streamline processes, and automate workflows. 


In order to continue evolving at the speed of market and technological changes, Zetes set up its flagship Competence & Innovation Centres, combining experience and know-how in different domains, shared with all offices in Europe and Africa.

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Goods and people

Zetes is the European leader in design, development and implementation of integrated automatic identification (auto-ID) solutions for goods and people. Its solutions are based on both mature and innovative technologies, such as barcoding, voice, RFID, imaging, print and apply, smart cards and biometrics.

In the field of identification of goods, Zetes’ Supply Chain Solutions visibly increase efficiency and reduce costs along the entire supply chain. They help clients comply with the strictest regulations in terms of traceability, while gaining a competitive advantage.

With regard to the identification and authentication of people, Zetes offers a wide range of solutions encompassing security of transactions and integration with back-office applications, helping governments and public institutions protect the interests of citizens and individuals, by means of secure identification documents, voter lists, national registers, etc.

Global approach, local presence

The Zetes group has its headquarters in Brussels, with an office network covering most EMEA countries, ensuring client proximity, as well as timely service, maintenance and repair of solutions.  Its client comprises small businesses, mid-sized organizations and large multinationals. In terms of verticals, Zetes offers solutions tailored to the following markets: manufacturing, transportation, logistics, retail, healthcare, finance, telecommunication, government and public services.


Cobepa was a shareholder acting in concert with Zephir, holding a 25% stake in Zetes.

After a holding period spanning almost 20 years, including several add-on investments and the IPO in 2005, the entire participation was sold to Panasonic in April 2017.

Cobepa S.A.

Cobepa S.A.
Rue de la Chancellerie 2, box 1
1000 Brussels
+ 32 2 213 32 10
+ 32 2 513 17 02

Cobepa North America Inc.

Cobepa North America Inc.
Tower 49
12 East 49th Street
New York, NY 10017
United States
+1 (646) 679 5177

Ibel Beteiligungsberatung GmbH (Member of Cobepa Group)

Ibel Beteiligungsberatung GmbH
Theresienstrasse 1
80333 München
+32 2 213 32 10