Enoflex is the global leader in the B2B manufacturing of high-end closures for the wine & spirits industry.

  • Sector Industrial
  • Ownership Majority
  • Turnover EUR 176 M (2020)
  • Date of acquisition 07/2019

Born from the combination of the Italian Enoplastic and the French Sparflex under Cobepa’s initiative, Enoflex is the global leader in the B2B manufacturing of high-end closures for the wine & spirits industry with physical presence in all main wine regions across the globe. Thanks to its vertical integration and unique know-how, the Group provides to its customers excellence and creativity in the closure industry. Product offering is highly customized for each client and includes a wide range of closure solutions, such as capsules, foils, wire hoods, synthetic corks, screw caps and seals. The Company also offers eco-friendly capsule solutions with low environmental impact.

The Group

is the largest global producer of capsules, exporting to 60 countries and selling 5.5 billion units to over 6,000 customers. Enoflex leverages on industrial facilities across Italy, France, Spain, US, New Zealand and Australia exporting to more than 60 countries worldwide mostly through a large direct commercial network. Enoflex counts c.1,000 employees.

Industry-leading production capabilities with vertical integration along the value chain

Benefitting from a long history of industrial excellence (Enoplastic since 1957 and Sparflex since 1984) and several industrial plants, Enoflex is vertically integrated in all steps with industry-leading production capabilities. By leveraging superior machines and cutting-edge technologies, the Group has been able to gain the trust of its clients by matching most of their challenging requests in terms of quality, customization and rapid delivery.

International commercial footprint

Supported by a dedicated team of direct salesforce and a network of agents, Enoflex has developed a strong international commercial footprint and maintained close relations with more than 6,000 clients, including some of the most renowned brands and labels in the global wine and spirits industry. 

Ambitious expansion plan

Enoflex is actively pursuing an ambitious expansion plan, seeking to strengthen its global presence to cover all major wine producing regions, while actively integrating new products into its product offering.

Continuous innovation on sustainability

Building upon its industrial experience and know-how, Enoflex has for many years pursued an ambitious route to be innovative and sustainable. To achieve this goal, the Company focuses on continuous research and technology development. As a result, Enoflex has developed new materials with low environmental impact for capsule production and has optimized zero-impact production processes with high-performance systems. The Company has also advanced its unique modern techniques for printing and forming.

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